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Coming soon Demonio Comic Book Series

the first of a series of books which follows the life of Gabriela and her journy to rid her Demon

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To what length will you go to feed your demons thirst for BLOOD…

Gabriela, born in Mexico from a nun who was raped by a Drug Lord, is sent by the Church to an Orphanage in the United States as a Cover up to protect the archdiocese from bad press.

Inside Gabriela’s tormented soul hides a Demon who after a failed a coup in Hell, escapes and finds confront in Gabriela. Gabriela’s journey in life is to rid him from her soul, but before she does she realizes that her Demon is at war with Lucifer and they become an unlikely duo. She will use him and he will use her to help rid this world from the evil souls that Lucifer has unleashed to Humanity. This work of kindness doesn’t go unnoticed, as word Of a Serial Killer quickly spreads. Gabriela now becomes a Wanted Girl !





Death Awaits Mobile game!

Be scared while mobile.Just don't scream to loud!

Demonio Death Awaits Game Poster

Demonio “Death Awaits” is a horror game that follows the comic book Demonio story line. In the Game, Gabriela and a demon living inside her. In the game Gabriela will be protagonist. The game user will play as Gabriela

The main Character Gabriella will be both Hero and Foe. You will need to deliver her to ART, her sidekick in the comic books, to perform an exorcism and relieve her from Demonio. This will stop Gabriella from killing people. Once you complete that task you will now use Gabriella to hunt and try to Destroy Demonio before he enters her soul AGAIN



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